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November 2022 Newsletter


Below is a copy of the newsletter sent in November. You can sign up by clicking on the News Notifications button above and providing us your email address.

Thanks to all who supported our Veterans Day Flag events and our Memorial Walkway & Headstone Cleaning event. Thanks also to our Adopt-a-Garden volunteers who have continued working well into the fall to keep the cemetery looking beautiful! The mums are so colorful! 

We conducted 116 interments in October. As a reminder, beginning December 1st services are only scheduled on the hour from 9am - 3pm. Artificial flowers are authorized during cold weather months. They are removed from graves and placed in a container near the maintenance building on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. The container is emptied just prior to the next collection date. 

Wreaths are authorized on graves from December 1st - January 7th. Please lean the wreath on the headstone. Please do not attach the wreath or use a stand of any type. Additional items (e.g. lights, logs, ornaments) will be removed and placed in the bin near the maintenance building. Wreaths should NOT be leaned against columbarium walls, as that inhibits snow removal. You may place a wreath in the garden across from the columbarium.

Wreaths for Boscawen is on Saturday, December 3rd at 10:30 AM.  All are invited to attend. We will have six stations distributing wreaths throughout the cemetery. Stations will distribute wreaths AND bows (maximum of 2 per person per visit). After receiving wreaths and bows, guests will move to a gravesite of their choice, affix the bow securely to the wreath, and lean the wreath against the headstone. Please take your time and say the name on each side of the headstone, as well as the names on adjacent headstones. After placing the wreaths, you may return to get two more wreaths. Please feel free to place wreaths until all are distributed. We have enough wreaths to place on every 3rd or 4th headstone throughout the cemetery. 

We will make announcements at the Circle of Flags at 10:15 AM. We will end announcements not later than 10:25 AM to allow time to move toward the station of your choice. Stations will open at precisely 10:30 AM (signaled by the start of music on the carillon system). Parking on cemetery grounds is limited to handicapped and elderly guests. All others are welcome to park in the lot across the street from the main entrance or safely along the side of Route 3. Please allow enough time to park and walk to the cemetery. 

Thank you to Eversource for their kind donation to Wreaths for Boscawen and for purchasing and providing a team of volunteers to place wreaths on all cemetery buildings, columbaria, and flag poles. 

The cost of wreaths and supplies increased significantly this year. Please consider donating here: Blue Star Mothers of NH

We will remove Wreaths on Saturday, January 7th @ 10:30 AM. 

From the NHSVC staff and on behalf of the NH Veterans Cemetery Association, please accept our best wishes for a restful, peaceful, and joyful Thanksgiving with family and friends. We are truly THANKFUL for your support of veterans, their families, our community, and the NH State Veterans Cemetery. Enjoy your holidays and please stop by for a visit any time.