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  1. As of Monday, June 15th there is no longer a restriction on the number of guests that can attend a service. 
  2. We strongly recommend that guests wear masks while attending services. 
  3. Social distancing from cemetery staff, clergy, Honor Guard, and funeral directors is required. Social distancing among guests is strongly suggested.
  4. Pall bearers, family and/or funeral directors will move the casket, if applicable. We do request that face coverings are worn.
  5. Military Honors are being conducted by all branches.
    1. The Honor Guard may will have masks available and will wear them at the request of the family.
    2. Presentation of the flag is at the discretion of the family. If the flag is presented by the honor guard, it is strongly recommended that the person receiving the flag and anyone in the vicinity wear a face mask. The other option is to have the military fold the flag and return to the casket or urn table for the family to retrieve after the service.  Some military branches are directed to place the flag on the casket or urn table to avoid direct contact.
    3. The Army and Air Force are not able to provide firing details at this time. The Coast Guard, Navy and Marine Corps do not provide firing details.
  6. Families may arrange, at their own expense, for a firing detail provided by a Veteran Service Organization.
  7. Please take all directions from the cemetery staff.
  8. Guests must leave the burial site immediately after the service is complete.
  9. Services are still limited to 20 total minutes.
  10. The chapel is available for services.  Chairs will be six feet apart.  Masks are required inside the chapel except when speaking from the podium. The maximum number of guests in the chapel is 20.
  11. Funeral Directors and family members are encouraged to continue electronic exchange of paperwork.
  12. The administration building and Veterans Heritage Learning Center are open.  Masks are required inside the administration building and strongly recommended inside the VHLC.  The restrooms outside of admin remain available to the public.

Please contact the cemetery for any questions or clarifications.  Thank you for your continued support.