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Floral Tributes, Flags, and Unauthorized Decorations

Floral Tributes

  1. Day of the Interment: 
    Floral displays utilizing natural flowers (in non-glass containers) may be placed on the day of interment to remain for a period not to exceed 48 hours. At the columbarium, flowers may be placed on the ground in front of the niche. Cemetery personnel will remove flowers if withered, faded, or otherwise unsightly before the allotted time.
  2. Flowers on existing graves:

      Fresh cut flowers may be placed year round, either on the grave or in the flower beds across from the columbarium niche. Plastic vases may be used from Apr. 1 – Oct. 15 and are provided by the cemetery at the water stations (in wood slatted barrel). Other containers (glass, ceramic, etc.) are not allowed.
      Artificial flowers are permitted only during the period of Oct. 15 – Mar. 31 either on the grave or in the flower beds across from the columbarium niche.  The flowers can remain only for a period not to exceed 10 days.  Artificial flowers exceeding the 10 day limit will be removed and disposed of by cemetery personnel.

  3. Memorial Day floral displays and/or potted annual plants in non-breakable containers are permitted 5 days before through 5 days after Memorial Day. Potted plants must be annuals and containers not exceed 8 inches in diameter. Plants left on graves will be planted by cemetery staff in our gardens.
    Perennial plants are not wanted and will be discarded.

  4. Holiday Wreaths (fresh or artificial) may be placed on the gravesites from Dec. 1 – Jan. 2. Wreaths may not be secured to the headstones and wreath stands are not permitted at any time.



Flags will be placed on graves and by columbarium by specified veterans organizations for Memorial Day and Veterans Day.  Flags are not permitted on graves at any other time.  The Circle of Flags provides year round honor to all veterans buried in the cemetery.

Unauthorized Decorations

Unauthorized Decorations are not permitted on graves.  These are anything thing not listed in Floral Tributes. Examples are: permanent plantings, statues, vigil lights, upright grave markers (flag holders), support stands of any kind, breakable objects of any kind, and similar commemorative items Unauthorized items will be immediately removed and disposed of by cemetery personnel.

Do not attach any items to the headstone or marker

Do not place or attach anything to the face of the Columbarium or bronze marker.

Note: Cemetery personnel will remove all floral tributes and containers at the expiration of permissible periods or when the flowers become withered, faded, or otherwise unsightly.  Potted annual plants (in containers no larger than 8”) removed from gravesites may be used in planting areas in the cemetery by the cemetery staff.  Potted plants in containers exceeding 8” will be donated. The cemetery personnel will dispose of all containers in a method deemed appropriate.

The cemetery will not be responsible for damaged or lost containers or lost floral tributes

New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery Regulations

  1. Cemetery grounds are open to the public daylight hours, seven days a week.
  2. All persons within the Cemetery will conduct themselves in a manner respectful of a hallowed place.  Improper behavior will not be tolerated and persons violating reasonable standards of behavior will be subject to removal from the grounds at the absolute discretion of the Director.
  3. Motor vehicles shall be driven at a speed no greater than 15 miles per hour and shall be kept to the right side of the roadways.
  4. Motor vehicles shall not stop or park near an open grave while an interment is in progress.
  5. Tires of motor vehicles shall remain on pavement (only exception is when directed by staff). Typically parking will be in designated areas only and shall never block the roadways.  Motor vehicles shall not be driven or parked on grass areas unless so directed.
  6. Pets are allowed in the Cemetery provided they are on a leash; stay on cemetery roads and the persons walking the pet(s) will clean up feces.
  7. Disposal of trash, flowers, containers or any other debris is prohibited except in the proper disposal containers provided by the Cemetery.
  8. Planting of trees, shrubs, or flowers by any person other then the Director or his agents is prohibited.
  9. Refer to the Floral Tributes section of the Cemetery Rules and Regulations for information on what is or is not allowed on gravesites.
  10. All visitors are forbidden from damaging trees, shrubs, plants or lawns.  The Cemetery grounds and/or grave markers may not be marked, defaced, or damaged in any way.
  11. Bicycles and motorized cycles are allowed on the roads in the cemetery if they are there for the purpose of visiting a deceased veteran and/or a deceased family member.
  12. Skateboards, roller blades, manual scooters and any other such type of recreation or transportation are not allowed in the Cemetery.
  13. Snowmobiles are not allowed on the Cemetery grounds, except in the designated locations where grave plots are not prepared.  Snowmobile trails have been agreed to with the local snowmobile clubs.
  14. Visitors, except while acting as military escorts are prohibited from bringing firearms or explosives of any kind into the Cemetery.  All hunting within the Cemetery is prohibited.
  15. Cemetery employees are prohibited from performing any work directly requested of them by anyone other then the Director.  No money shall be offered or paid to Cemetery employees for personal services or as a gesture of gratitude.  All inquiries regarding work performance should be directed to the Director.