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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Only veterans can be interred at the veterans cemetery?
    No! Veterans and their dependents who meet the criteria that determines eligibility can be interred at the veterans cemetery.
  2. Must the veteran be interred first?
    No! The veteran is the one entitled to the burial plot: however, if the veteran is pre-deceased by his spouse then the spouse, (or eligible dependent) is entitled to an immediate interment.
  3. Must I be cremated to be buried in the veterans cemetery?
    No! We have three types of burials at the cemetery: burial of cremains in the Columbarium Niche; in ground burial of cremains; and full casket burials.
  4. Will my spouse and I be together?
    Each veteran is entitled to one plot, which he/she shares with his/her eligible dependents. So, yes you will be together.
  5. Do I need to purchase a vault for a full casket burial?
    Yes. Since the cemetery is a state cemetery, we are not provided with government issued vaults. You make arrangements for the vault with your funeral home.
  6. What can I do now to prepare for burial in the veterans cemetery?
    Gravesites in the veterans cemetery cannot be reserved in advance, however, we encourage veterans to submit an application form with the required documents now. The cemetery will then issue an eligibility certificate to the veteran, which can be put with other important documents. The pre-application makes it easier for the surviving family to schedule the interment. We process about 15 - 20 applications a week.
  7. Will there be room for me?
    Yes, there will be room for interments at NHSVC for many, many years. The veterans cemetery has 104 acres and currently 14 acres are cleared and improved. The 2004 master plan has 6 more phases of development identified and the next phase will be implemented when the need for more cemetery plots or columbariums is identified.
  8. What size is the niche in the Columbarium?
    Columbarium niches are desiged to accommodate two receptacles, e.g. for a veteran and eligible spouse. The niche dimensions are 12" in height, 9" in width, and 18" in depth. Accordingly, it is important that these dimensions are considered when purchasing an urn (receptacle). If a second inurnment is anticipated, both receptacles must fit within these dimensions.

If you have a specific question or hear a rumor that does not sound right, feel free to contact us at the veterans cemetery. You can call us at 796-2026 or email your question or comment at