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Basic Guidelines for Arranging Interments



  1. During regular work hours 8:00AM to 4:00PM call (603)796-2026. Press 1 to schedule an interment or press 2 for general questions.
  2. After hours, weekends or holidays call (603)796-2026 and listen for prompt to ‘schedule an interment”. Leave a short detailed message with a phone number and a staff member will call you back.
  3. Website: visit for additional information or to check the calendar for availability.

       4. Email: with questions or comments.


  1. Veterans/dependents with Eligibility Certificates:
    1. Deceased Full Name and Social Security Number.
    2. Date of Death.
    3. What type of burial?
      • Casket burial – please contact a funeral home for assistance.
      • Cremation burial:
        • Columbarium / niche inurnment (above ground)
        • In-ground interment – note urn vaults are not required. If there is a vault, please let us know the size.
    4. Type of service – chapel or graveside (both are not allowed)
    5. For a deceased Veteran, does the family want military honors at the cemetery?
    6. Additionally, surviving spouse or eligible dependents need to identify their future burial preference (i.e. cremation or full-casket) to assist in grave assignment.
  2. Veterans/Dependents without Eligibility Certificates:
    1. NHSVC Application Form completed and submitted (with proof of Military Service). Include date of death, if applicable.
    2. If the family cannot locate proof of military service:
      1. Contact the cemetery administration office for assistance
      2. Visit the National Archives website at
    3. Applicable information as noted in Section B.1 above.


  1. Interment services are scheduled Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM on the hour or half-hour. Times and dates are determined on a first request, first served basis.  Full-casket services are separated by at least 1.5 hours.
    • COVID 19 Update:  due to the requirement to sanitize the chapel after each service, services scheduled for the chapel must be separated by at least 1-hour. 
    • If a service scheduled for the graveside is moved to the chapel, the length of the service will be reduced to 15 minutes, if necessary, in order to allow time for the staff to sanitize the chapel before the next service.
  2. Only one burial service scheduled per time period.
  3. No burials are scheduled on Saturday, Sunday or State Holidays.


  1. Interment services are held in the chapel or at the gravesite, but not BOTH. If a service is held in the chapel, the family may visit the interment location 1-hour after the last scheduled service of the day.. Out of respect for the next scheduled interment, interment services shall not exceed 20 minutes and families are requested to leave promptly.  This allows sufficient time for the cemetery to complete the interment and prepare for the next service.
    • Due to COVID-19, chapel services are limited to 20 persons. All MUST wear a mask while in the chapel.
  2. Interment activities (i.e. minister, speaker, etc.) are arranged by family, friends or funeral directors.
  3. If desired, the Administration office will assist in scheduling Military honors for a Veteran and providing a flag.
  4. Full funeral services or a memorial services are not allowed. 


  1. After scheduling the interment service, a grave marker form will be sent via mail, email or fax. This form should be returned on the day of interment so we can order the grave marker. Failure to return the form may result in a marker ordered without personal lines or religious emblem.


  1. Please stop at the administration building to present required paperwork and receive instructions.  To prevent interrupting other services or cemetery operations, please do not proceed to the chapel or interment area until directed by cemetery staff.
  2. Cemetery staff will lead attendees to the gravesite or chapel.
  3. If you anticipate more than 10 vehicles, please call ahead of time with an estimated number of vehicles so that our staff will be ready to assist with parking.